Five Things

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Look for your happy place.

Your house will be your haven, your retreat from a lousy day at work, your ultimate happy place. Decide on your must-haves to keep you happy. One of my buyers felt she couldn't be happy in a house without trees in the yard; she said wanted to be able to curl up with a book and gaze through the windows at trees. Some people love cooking and want a great kitchen. Others need a gaming room that's far enough away from bedrooms so they can play all night without disturbing their loved ones. You want a deep soaker tub? A finished basement? A place to grow veggies? Whatever it takes to make your house a happy place, I'll help you find it.  

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Love at first sight? 

What if you find yourself in love with the very first house you see? I sort of hate when that happens because you've got nothing to compare it to. It's like getting engaged after your first date. Am I being impulsive or decisive? But what if you don't make an offer and someone else snaps it up before you've had a chance to really think this through? (It happens.) I'll help you weigh the pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

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Romance or finance?

Have you ever heard someone say that buying a house is 50% finance and 50% romance?  I may be a hopeless romantic, but I'm going to help you stay focused on the numbers so you're not buying a money pit or find yourself "house poor" (that's when you spend so much money on your place you don't have anything left for Starbucks.) 

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Get thyself preapproved.

Sure, it's fun to go house-shopping, but life isn't an HGTV show, alas. I've never seen those happy couples actually apply for their mortgage pre-approval, a boring but necessary step before you can make an offer on a house (unless you plan to pay in cash.) I can point you to lenders I like because they're smart, responsive, and can get you approved pretty quickly (assuming you qualify) so you can make an offer on a house you love. I recommend only lenders who have a proven track record with me: they don't make you stretch beyond your budget, keep your deal moving, and get you to the closing table on time. 

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Fixer-Upper or Move-in Ready?

Fixers are less expensive to buy and may get you into a neighborhood you couldn't otherwise afford. Move-in ready places are just that; all you need to do is unpack. Whatever house you want, I'm going to help you find it.  


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